What has happened until now?

On the 5th of July, a big win for the freedom of online expression and information was achieved.

Specifically, 318 MEPs (members of the European Parliament) voted against the proposed directive for copyrights in the Digital Market. Therefore, the directive was rejected.

At this point, we would like to remind you that the changes that the directive would cause on copyrights could considerably limit the freedom of expression and information on the Internet.

Those changes had the potential to even change the shape of the Internet as we know it.

What will happen now?

The total of 751 members of the European Parliament will now have the possibility to examine in detail the copyrights reform and submit amendments until the 5th of September.

Subsequently, the initial Proposal alongside with the new recommendations will be introduced in the European Parliament plenary on 12 September for a vote.

What can we do?

The majority of the Greek Parliament Members rejected the proposed directive at the 5th of July.

Thanks to the emails they received and the pressure by Greek voters and other Greek institutions –Homo Digitalis among them– they were informed and sensitized for the protection of the freedom of expression.

We can do the same now! By using the very simple tool that is offered here we can send mass messages to the Greek Parliament Members in order to put pressure on them to propose amendments for the proposed directive in favor of the protection of the freedom of online expression and information.

Let’s not forget that the European elections are not far off (23 and 26 May 2019). The more messages the Parliament Members receive, the more attention they will show for the retention of the Internet as we know it.

Send your message now. It will only take a minute but its impact can literally last for years!

Watch also the very interesting video of the campaign #SaveYourInternet.