Homo Digitalis focuses on the protection of digital rights in Greece.

The use of the Internet constitutes an important part of everyday life in the contemporary era.

The digital world has become part of our reality and influences our way of thinking, our choices and our acts. It reforms our society as a whole, but also the human existence in itself, by creating a new, digital representation of ourselves; a digital personality, which is not necessarily identical to our real personality, but enjoys the same freedoms and rights.

It is present in order to promote and protect the fundamental rights and freedoms in the digital world, when the latter are challenged or jeopardized. The basic priorities of Homo Digitalis for the following years are the right to privacy, the protection of personal data, freedom of expression and freedom of opinion, freedom of information, property rights, access to justice and the prohibition of discrimination. We are a new Non-Governmental Organization, focused on our objective. We were founded in 2018. All our resources are directly invested in our work. Homo Digitalis has over 100 members (regular members and volunteer members).

We are a new Non-Governmental Organization, focused on our objective.(regular members and volunteer members).

We were founded in 2018. All our resources are directly invested in our work. Homo Digitalis has over 100 members. We help the legislators understand issues related to human rights in the contemporary digital era. Additionally, we raise public awareness regarding digital rights by organizing public campaigns, contributing in common actions and publishing informative content. Moreover, when digital rights are jeopardized by public or private actors, we carry out investigations, conduct studies and proceed to legal actions.

European Digital Rights (EDRi)

We are full member of European Digital Rights (EDRi), which is one the most prominent unions of organizations in our area of action globally. We cooperate with other organizations in Greece, with digital rights specialists, but also non-specialists, who demonstrate a profound interest in our scope and actions. Finally, we cooperate with foreign organizations working in other States, which have similar aspirations and activities.

Elpida Vamvaka


Elpida is an LL.M. lawyer. She specializes in Administrative law and research, innovation, technology and information issues. She focuses in cases of sharing personal data with public authorities and the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Stefanos Vitoratos


Stefanos is a lawyer specializing in International Politics (M.A.) and International Economic Law (M.A.). He is passionate about the use of new technologies as a means of promotion of the civil participation in decision making. He is also interested in the dangers for democracy and its institutions, which stem from deliberate misinformation.

Eleftherios Chelioudakis


Eleftherios is a lawyer, specializing in the relations between law and new technologies (LL.M.) and digital humanities (M.Sc.). He focuses his interest in the positive and negative consequences of advanced automatization and artificial intelligence on Human Rights.

Konstantinos Kakavoulis


Konstantinos is an LL.M. lawyer specializing in International Law and Human Rights. His areas of interest include, among others, freedom of expression and pluralization in the Internet, safeguarding of Internet neutrality and free access to knowledge and information.

Manos Papadakis

Member of the Board of Directors

Manos is an attorney-at-law with a profound passion for Civil Law. He focuses in the effective access to judicial remedy in the context of cases concerning the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation and issues of intellectual property.