In the age of hyper-connectivity, people are inundated by a constant flow of information and news that brings, on the one hand, better and stable information about world events and, on the other hand, many risks associated with fake news and misinformation.

Homo Digitalis had the pleasure to participate in a relevant research-discussion conducted by the MILES project (MIL and PRE-BUNKING approaches for Critical thinking in the education sector) and addressed to experts regarding the use of new technologies in the field of education.

The aim of the debate is to gather information on misinformation in order to develop effective strategies for the education sector. The discussion focused on issues such as digital literacy, the cultivation of critical thinking as a tool for identifying fake news, the role of education and the education system, and exploring possible policy interventions.

Homo Digitalis was represented in the research debate by the Director of Human Rights & Artificial Intelligence, Lambrini Yftokosta. We would like to thank the civil society organization KMOP Social Action and Innovation Centre for the inclusion and the honorary invitation.