Our Director on AI & Human Rights, Lamprini Gftokosta, spoke at the JOIST Innovation Park in the event “Artificial Intelligence Meets Education” under the auspices of the Regional Directorate of Education of Thessaly!

We would like to thank JOIST and its representative, Ms. Katerina Diminikou, as well as Mr. Nikos Zervas, Director of Secondary Education of Larissa for the invitation to participate in their event, and the more than 200 teachers who were there.

Homo Digitalis spoke about digital literacy, the provisions of the AI Act for education and our experiences in secondary schools in the country. Of course, the active presence was also given by Homo Digitalis member in Larissa, Anastasios Arampatzis, who spoke about The Glassroom Misinformation Exhibition and the detection of deepfakes!”

Translated with DeepL.com (free version)