On Wednesday June 3rd 2020 Homo Digitalis will have the great honour and pleasure of making a contribution on the topic “Algorithms and big data” to the video conference on e-commerce held by the Hellenic Competition Commission.

It is an extraordinary honour for our Organisation that the Competition Commission, having read the relevant memorandum and the proposals (link in Greek) we had submitted mid-May, invited us to participate by making a contribution to its video conference. We warmly thank the Commission for the invitation.

The video conference will present an excellent opportunity for us to elaborate on our positions and proposals as well as exchange ideas and opinions with the President of the Competition Commission, the Rapporteurs and the Investigation team of the Commission and the other contributors and participants of the video conference.

Once again, the praise goes to the editorial team of the relevant memorandum of Homo Digitalis which is comprised of our members: Vamvaka Elpida, Volikou Adamantia, Volikou Eirini, Gakis Dionysis, Konstantinou Stergios and Chelioudakis Lefteris.

Our President and member of the editorial team for the memorandum, Elpida Vamvaka, will represent us at the video conference.