We are particularly delighted to announce, as on a basis of a proposal from the VUB University of Brussels and the d.pia.lab (Brussels Laboratory on Data Protection and Privacy Impact Assessments), that Homo Digitalis is now member of the Advisory Committee of PERSONA Project.

PERSONA Project is an innovative research project, with a duration period of 30 months, which is financially supported by the European Union in the context of Horizon 2020 programme.

PERSONA’s research team includes 11 operators, who represent 9 European States plus Israel. VUB University acts as the coordinator of the project.

The aim of PERSONA is to create a specific designed, unified method for impact assessment and to assess a range of technological tools used at the borders of states to identify people, considering ethical, legal and regulatory aspects, the right to privacy and data protection, the principle of non-discrimination and other social matters.

The Advisory Committee will monitor the project and ensure that it will be compliant with all the ethical, legal and social requirements.

Homo Digitalis’s  Mr Konstantinos Kakavoulis will represent our organisation in the Committe.