Today, Homo Digitalis was hosted by the Greek-French School of Piraeus “Saint Paul” and spoke to the students of the Secondary and High school about digital rights.

Specifically, Homo Digitalis conducted a presentation concerning cyberbullying and its consequences to the students of Secondary school and proposed protection ways. In addition to this, Homo Digitalis talked to the students of 1st and 2nd grade of the High school about digital footprints and their rights regarding their personal data.

Mr. Panagiotis Gialis, member of Homo Digitalis explains to the students of Secondary school the consequences of Cyberbullying

The following members of Homo Digitalis have worked for the presentation: Mrs. Mary Mouzaki, Mrs. Anastasia Karagianni,  Mr. Panagiotis Gialis, Mr. Kimonas Georgakis,  Mrs. Maria-Alexandra Papoutsi and Mr. Konstantinos Kakavoulis.

Mr. Konstantinos Kakavoulis, a Saint Paul graduate and founding member of Homo Digitalis, discusses with High school students about protection ways against Cyberbullying

In fact, the members of Homo Digitalis, Mr. Kimonas Georgakis and Mr.Konstantinos Kakavoulis had the pleasure to visiting the school they graduated from, with a completely different role this time.

Mr. Kimonas Georgakis, a Saint Paul graduate, talks to High School students about digital footprint

Mrs. Maria-Alexandra Papoutsi, member of Homo Digitalis explains to the students of the 1st and 2nd grade of the High school the right to access

We would like to thank the Administration of the High School for this invitation! Special thanks go to Mr. Antonis Voutsinos, Deputy General Manager of the school, to Mr. Koutsa, Head of the High school, to Mrs. Stamataki, High School Director, to Mr. Rousso, Deputy Director of the High School, and to Mrs. Lymberi for their impeccable hospitality.

High School Director, Mr. Koutsa, High School Director, Mr. Stamatakis, with the two graduates of Saint Paul and the President of Homo Digitalis, Mrs. Elpida Vamvaka

Stay tuned! There will be more presentations at schools!