Today, Tuesday 6 April 2021, Homo Digitalis and submitted joint proposals to the open consultation of the National Telecommunications and Postal Commission (EETT). The consultation concerns the determination of the location of the Terminal Network Point.

If you want to know why the location of the Network Termination Point is important for all internet users in Greece, you can read the very interesting and detailed article by ELLAK.

In essence, it is about the freedom to choose a router in Greece.

With their positioning Homo Digitalis and stress that end users should have the right to use terminal equipment of their choice.

The same position is supported by the Open Technologies Organisation – ELLAK, the Consumer Association EKPIZO, as well as the European organisation FSFE with the submission of respective proposals.

The positions of Homo Digitalis and are available here.

Proposals can be submitted until Friday 7 May at 15.00. If you want to support the freedom of router choice in Greece, you can read the EETT call and submit your proposals.

Homo Digitalis and have been working together for more than a year to lay the foundations to combat the digital exclusion of remote areas and communities of our country from the internet and digital services and at the same time to give citizens the opportunity to be informed and educated about modern networking technologies and the safe and effective use of the internet.